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Math apps: Simple, effective and dare we say -FUN?

Math apps: Simple, effective and dare we say -FUN?

Take a look at this article by the Edvocate listing 20 great math apps for all ages, “20 Math Apps for Students of All Ages.” The article is from 2017, but most of the list still dominates the math app arena.

Apps get a bad rap sometimes. Sure, there are the time-sucking apps like Instagram and an endless number of games for our kids to zone on, but there are other apps like Duolingo and MathBoard, which help adults and kids learn languages and fractions.

Don’t count out apps when it comes to simple, daily lessons for math, language, and even geography. One student learned all the countries of the North and South America using the app Stack the States.

Feel free to add any apps you use for homeschooling or skillbuilding at your house!

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