How we help: Think of Be Alright as your parenting superhero sidekick

How we help: Think of Be Alright as your parenting superhero sidekick

We were so lost. You guys have been our beacon.

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Be Alright provides more than tutoring. We serve as a part of your support team as you educate your children, either at home or in a more traditional setting. In today’s world, families need a team of resources in order to make life at home run smoothly.

Every child has challenges with learning. The challenge could be time management, reading, writing, math, or even social skills. Some challenges may be more severe, while others seem less so. However, even the smaller challenges can disrupt family life. It’s not unusual for us to hear about family arguments starting because of homework.

For instance, if getting homework done, or not, becomes a chronic problem, this problem can influence how families get along. Struggles in school can also lead to issues with self-confidence and deep frustration in children, which can have lasting impact.

The problem may be small, but still influence life at home. Having one more person on your “team” of support can make all the difference. Don’t make this year tougher than it is already. Ask for support from one of our trained educators.

Here are a few examples:

-Marie and Bob have a teenage son, Stephen, with special needs. During the pandemic, he became agitated because his normal schedule was disrupted. With both Marie and Bob working during the week, they needed help structuring their Stephen’s new schedule.

In addition, they needed a tutor, weekly, to work with him on schoolwork and stay on top of his documentation for his IEP. Our Be Alright tutor worked with his school and supported Marie and Bob with the overwhelming number of tasks they faced with their son at home. Not to mention, Stephen was more willing to settle down for schoolwork with one of our experienced educators, rather than his parents.

-Dylan earns straight A’s at her private school middle school. While most subjects come easily for her, writing is a challenge. When school papers came due, Dylan had tantrums. She procrastinated and often stayed up all night finishing papers.

Her mom was mainly the brunt of the tantrums and ended up losing sleep on these nights when assignments were overdue. One of our writing tutors helped Dylan by mapping out the assignments and checking frequently for accountability. Together, they created an outline, checklist of tasks to complete, worked on the papers, and edited for revisions.

-Sarah is in the third grade. Her reading isn’t up to her grade level. Sarah’s parents are concerned because she seems to struggle with sight words her peers have mastered. They’ve considered having Sarah tested for a learning disability but feel unsure how to proceed. Because Sarah is nervous about her reading, they want her to feel comfortable with the person doing the testing.

A Be Alright tutor and reading specialist worked with Sarah to establish a connection, and gently tested her reading. Sarah’s confidence is improving with her reading, and her parents are reassured because they understand now where Sarah needs extra support.

-Matt is popular and well-liked at school. His challenge is time management. Between friends and sports, he has a hard time managing time for schoolwork. The problem was causing friction at home as Matt’s schoolwork became more intense during high school. A Be Alright tutor now checks in with Matt at the beginning of each week to look over his schedule and, together, they map out any school projects. At the end of the week, his tutor checks in again to see if projects are completed. Matt’s parents don’t feel the extra pressure any more of watching over Matt’s shoulder.

Regardless of your family’s challenges around learning, reach out to Be Alright for a free consult. We can help.

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