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Executive Function Coaching gives your child the support needed to succeed in an often complicated, overwhelming world. Be Alright Tutoring first assesses your child’s vulnerabilities around executive functioning, followed by a clear set of specific skill building during tutoring sessions.

Executive functioning, or “EF,” is a blanket term referring to the processes of our brain, which allow us to organize information, finish tasks to completion, focus on a particular task or topic, plan, and more.

“Think of EF as the brain’s control center,” said Dr. Meg. “When children or adults have challenges around attention, for instance, these EF skills may present obstacles to success,” she added.

For more information, read our blog post, “Executive Functioning Strategies.”

How do I know if my child is struggling with executive functioning?
  • I know my son is really bright, but his grades are appalling. His performance at school just doesn’t match ability. Something seems off. I’d like to have him tested for learning disabilities, but it’s so expensive.
  • My daughter reads all the time. She loves books. When she finishes a book, she tells me all about the story. I know she understands the content. Yet, when it’s time to write a book report or essay on the same book, she clams up. She avoids writing anything.
  • My son’s bookbag and school locker are a disaster. I don’t know how he finds anything. He just packs his papers into his bag without any organization. His grades suffer because he forgets assignments and loses homework pages.
  • I can’t get her to do her homework. Most nights I just give up. She can’t seem to focus on any assignment at home for more than five minutes.
  • How many times have I had to drive to school to bring some forgotton textbook or notebook. He’s constantly forgetting his school stuff. It’s so frustrating. We are arguing all the time about his messiness and resulting poor grades.
  • When it’s time to do math, we always end up fighting. She’s grades behind when it comes to her basic math facts. We will use flashcards over and over, but nothing seems to stick. Even basic addition seems really frustrating for her.