About Dr. Meg

There’s a reason parents and kids feel gratitude and relief when Dr. Meg Murray, educational psychologist and owner of Be Alright Tutoring, steps into their lives.

  • Is it her athletic career, which includes playing for the UConn Huskies™ in the mid-1980s under famed Coach Geno Auriemma?
  • Or, is it her life after college, which includes acing as a sports psychologist for the elite athletes of NASCAR™, the NFL™ and PGA™ along with Wimbledon champ Mary Pierce?
  • Is it her experience working with special needs’ children and families?

“We are a family resource offering traditional academic lessons, educational support, individual coaching, and child advocacy with specialized experience in special needs, traditional schooling, alternative schooling and navigating mainstream school administration. It’s a mouthful.”

-Dr. Meg Murray


Is your child reading below grade level?

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Is your child's disorganization and procrastination with schoolwork driving you crazy?

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Need a little help supporting your child and holding them accountable for homework?

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One Parent Helping Another

Meg pursued her advanced education and accreditations after seeing her own children struggle. Be Alright Tutoring was founded because of one mom's need to help her children.

Meg Murray, Ph.D.

University of Connecticut

Our Simple 3-Step Process



What problems does your child face?   Are they lacking phonetic awareness, transposing letters, or struggling with attention issues?



Be Alright Tutoring comes up with a study plan to treat the diagnosed issues. This includes in-session work as well as homework, all of which is designed to engage the student’s interest and to keep them progressing.


Follow Through

As we carry out the study plan, we make sure that my student is improving on the issues diagnosed earlier. If they aren’t, we reconfigure the plan, with the parents’ input as needed.

Live Online Tutoring

Custom learning plans developed and implemented online, at your convenience. Be Alright's experienced, credentialed tutors assess, create individualized tutoring plans, and help students navigate the future.
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Real Stories, Real Students, Real Success

ShaneKindergartner with IEP
Tripp3rd Grader with IEP
RyanFourth Grader with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder)
BanjoSix Year Old, Unschooled
Katie7th Grader with IEP
ColeFirst Grader
Shane came to Be Alright Tutoring in February of 2019 at which point, his mother wasn’t expecting him to move on to first grade.

By May of 2019, Shane was passing all his sight word tests!  His teachers are astonished with his progress!  Shane will be moving on to first grade in August!

Tripp’s parents contacted Be Alright Tutoring during the summer of 2019 to help him catch up to other students entering the 4th grade in the fall.  At Tripp’s final IEP meeting with his teacher, he had successfully mastered all the necessary skills and goals for the upcoming year.

We have seen such improvement in his reading and I see so much more confidence! -Tripp’s IEP teacher

Ryan attends a private school and primarily speaks Chinese at home with his family but needs help with his English.  In addition to PPD, Ryan is on the autism spectrum.

We really like the way you prompt him to speak and write.  Yesterday, Ryan was very happy because he wrote a paragraph within a short time.  He has always struggled to find a topic and elaborate on it.  We truly appreciate your help. -Ryan’s Mom

Banjo’s mom enlisted the help of Be Alright Tutoring after previous attempts to help Banjo learn to read. After only a few lessons, his mom reports that Banjo is enjoying them.  He now knows his alphabet and can write all his letters!
Katie is an established Be Alright Tutoring Student.  She originally came to us due to lack of reading in third grade.  Katie will be entering the 7th grade this year!  Her IEP goals have been met each year due to the additional minutes she received in tutoring.
Cole came to Be Alright Tutoring unable to read or recognize many  letters of the alphabet.  In addition, Cole has expansive/recessive language delay.  Currently, he is in speech therapy and occupational therapy.  Within a few lessons, Cole’s dad reports that he is able to do things school has not been able to teach him.

Thank you for the invaluable help! -Cole’s Dad

We Teach Invaluable Life Skills

These skills aren't easy for some children to develop; that's why we're here to help.


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